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Strathblane Parish Church of Scotland March 17th 2020

Coronavirus (COVID 19)

In common with many other churches we are seeking to take sensible precautions to keep people safe by minimising the effect of coronavirus on our community life, whilst also seeking to support the wider community when self-isolating. Thus far the information we have to share is:

We will not be gathering for worship and Sunday Club within the Church and Kirk Rooms on Sundays until further notice. We hope to provide a short Sunday reflection online and will provide further details once available.

All midweek activities and events are cancelled until further notice. Funeral services, deemed to be essential, will continue as previously with the proviso that these will be family services and not open to the wider community.

Elders have been advised to telephone church member in their district to notify them of above changes. Elders have expressed a desire to contact members by telephone on a weekly basis with a view to offering members both practical and spiritual support.

Please keep an eye on ‘Strathblane Parish Church’ Facebook page for news and updates.  We will also post messages on our website Our Messages during the Coronavirus period.

We realise that this is an unsettling time for many, but with the Lord near to us all and the support we give to one another, we can face these unprecedented times.

Three thousand years ago a young King, of shepherd background, called David, wrote a song. It was a hit at his time and has remained so ever since. That is quite a success, even the greatest of our stars of today would feel that three thousand years at the top was quite an achievement. It’s the Shepherd song, “The Lord’s my Shepherd”.

We sing it in our worship, at weddings and at funerals. It starts with hope but speaks of darkness as well as life. The singer begins with joy: God, the divine Shepherd-King, leads his people to nourishment and safety but in the song the scene quickly darkens.

The path along which he goes becomes a valley of the shadow of death. But the shepherd’s ‘rod’ and ‘staff’, implements that prod and guide the sheep, provides the comfort that comes from divine guidance.

Find Psalm 23 and read it aloud. The Shepherd’s song is about real life, not an idealised picture. It speaks of suffering and facing enemies.

Whether we are confident and brave, or doubt-filled and fearful, God is the source of love and hope. Why not say the Lord’s prayer – “Our Father who art in heaven ….” when you wash your hands. It takes more than the recommended 20 seconds.


Rev Murdo Campbell